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It’s no secret that the investment landscape can be complex and fraught with contradictory information. TC Wealth Partners reads between the lines to create customized plans using an approach steeped in our set of deeply-held principles that transcends human emotion, market timing, and short-term thinking. We believe that wealth and investment management is both an art and science governed by the concept of behavioral finance. Taking conscious and unconscious biases that may impact the markets into account, we attend to the needs of our clients and their families through all of the victories and challenges inherent in life.

We have finetuned our disciplined method over a quarter-century throughout diverse market cycles. It begins with a deep discovery process that assesses individual needs and may incorporate wealth forecasting scenarios including probability-based outcomes. We develop a goal-based strategy, considering each client’s vision for the future and culminate the process with seasoned, sophisticated and objective guidance. Our full suite of end-to-end service capabilities complements our client centric, transparent approach. This approach is supported by systematic checks and balances, leveraging our access to research and guidance from our Investment Committee.

A Pointed Process

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The Four Core Investment Principles

Our four core investment principles serve as the foundation for gaining a deeper understanding of our client, providing insights that matter and being intentional in developing our goal-based approach to investing. They set the framework for our advisors as they strive to provide objective advice through client-centered investment plans.

Investment Platform

The foundation of our investment platform lies in institutional caliber global investment guidance, incorporating choice and flexibility to provide client-centered solutions.

Our Investment Committee

The TC Wealth Partners Investment Committee is responsible for governing investment components and other investment considerations.

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