Wealth Management

More Than Investment Strategy

Wealth management at TC Wealth Partners is more than simply investing; it involves comprehensive planning to address all areas of your financial life. It is the process of accumulating, protecting and distributing wealth in a manner consistent with your objectives. Our wealth advisors address such issues as cash flow planning, tax planning, Social Security maximization strategies, estate planning and more.


A dynamic plan accounts for your specific season in life and beyond. For some young professionals, it's a time to get serious about investing for the future. For business owners, it may be time to implement a plan that will provide for employees while optimizing their own retirement savings, or it could be time to prepare an exit strategy. For those nearing or in retirement, the need may be to consolidate investments and protect future income streams.

Wealth Management

We exist to serve families as they make their way from today to tomorrow - and from generation to generation. At TC Wealth Partners, we order and manage the details of your financial world so you have time for what matters most to you and your unique situation.

To ensure all your needs are being consistently addressed, we work closely with your tax and legal advisors. As a fiduciary, our clients benefit holistically from our independent and objective advice.

Review.  Plan.  Invest.

When you meet with our wealth advisors you can expect the following:



The first step is collaborating with you on a comprehensive financial plan. This is the foundation for determining your investment strategy. Your wealth advisor will listen carefully and gather information pertinent to your overall objective and then design a plan that will address your needs and future goals. Learn more about Financial Planning



Next we work with you on a customized investment policy statement (IPS). The IPS is a written roadmap specifying how we will invest your assets based on your distinct objectives and constraints. Depending on the life season - building wealth, in your prime, or nearing retirement - you may tolerate more or less risk.



The final step is portfolio construction. All too often we see prospective clients with asset portfolios that were formed almost completely by accident. They have funds in many different places, with varied advisors, all working independently of each other. In contrast, nothing in a TC Wealth Partners wealth management portfolio is accidental. We will carefully design your portfolio to meet your needs with regard to your goals as well as risk tolerance. Since your investments are part of a much larger picture, we will implement various techniques such as asset location strategies and tax-loss harvesting, and we will utilize low-turnover funds and individual securities when appropriate.

As an independent firm, we are not part of a larger entity that requires we sell certain financial products. In fact, we do not sell any financial products. As a fiduciary, you can rest assured that we will always be guided by your best interests when investing your portfolio.