Stock Market 2016: What you can expect
Stock Market 2016: What you can expect

Stock Market 2016: What you can expect





Stock Market 2016: What you can expect

The major themes driving the market the year ahead.

2015 was not a year to remember for the stock market.

According to the Trust Company’s Chief Investment Officer, J. Reed Murphy, only ten U.S. stocks in the S&P 500 were positive; the other 490 were negative.

Greek drama, the Chinese economy, the European Central Bank’s new monetary policy, and rising interest rates mixed to create volatility and consequent anxiety among investors. Perhaps you’ve felt the anxiety, too.

In the winter edition of “Matters of Trust”, Reed reviews 2015 and shares our thoughts on the rough start of 2016. With data, he identifies several key themes to expect in the year ahead and highlights the implications for your portfolio.

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