Why High-Income Earners Spend Too Much Money
Why High-Income Earners Spend Too Much Money

Why High-Income Earners Spend Too Much Money





Why High-Income Earners Spend Too Much Money

10 traps that can lead to financial insecurity.

“If you can’t live on $200K, you have a spending problem, not an earning problem.”

This observation is the cornerstone of a recent article posted to WhiteCoatInvestor.com, “10 Reasons Doctors Spend Too Much Money”. In the article, the author teases out the reasons why high-income earners (not just doctors) often blow through their income—and struggle to save.

The reasons are many from trying to impress family and friends, satisfying delayed gratification, or simply not understanding the tricks of investing. Read here for the all-too common struggles that keep the wealthy from financially thriving.

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