Summer 2018 - Did you know?
Summer 2018 - Did you know?

Summer 2018 - Did you know?





Summer 2018 - Did you know?

A quiz to test your market and economy knowledge.

Which metaphors have nautical origins? Which continents have World Cup winning countries? How many products could be included in the global trade war? Test your knowledge in this latest edition of "Did You Know?".

Headwinds and Tailwinds

Question: Using sailing terms as metaphors for markets got us thinking about the history of other popular phrases. Which of the following are purported to have nautical origins?

  1. “Limey”
  2. “Skyscraper”
  3. “Three Sheets to the Wind”
  4. All of the Above


  1. All of the Above

All three of these terms have sailing origins. British Navy sailors earned the nickname “Limey” in the 19th century as they were forced to consume lime juice to prevent scurvy. “Skyscraper” was a term originally used for a small triangular sail that sat at the highest point of the ship’s mast. Finally, “Three Sheets to the Wind” was initially used to describe a ship that is out of control.


FIFA World Cup Fever

Question: FIFA World Cup titles are of course won by countries, but which are the only continents to have World Cup winning countries?

  1. South America, North America, Europe
  2. South America, Europe
  3. Europe, South America, Asia
  4. Europe, Asia


  1. South America, Europe

Only South America and Europe can claim to be home to World Cup winning countries. In fact, there is a heavy concentration of wins in just three countries – Brazil (5), Germany (4), Italy (4). The first World Cup in 1930 was won by Uruguay.

World Cup Winning Countries Source: Wikipedia


World Cup Meets Investing

Question: Keeping with the summer sports theme, which of the following countries involved in this year’s World Cup is not included in the standard definition of emerging markets?

  1. Argentina
  2. Mexico
  3. Brazil
  4. Colombia


  1. Argentina

The two-time World Cup Champion Argentina has been considered a frontier market country (meaning a market that does not exhibit enough size or growth to be considered “emerging”) for nearly a decade. However, leading index provider MSCI announced at the end of June that it will be moving Argentina to emerging market status in 2019. The change is likely to draw billions of dollars in investment through passive investment strategies.


Tariffs and Trade War

Question: In our commentary we note that current tariffs amount to an $80 billion impact. Given recent comments from the President and officials in Beijing, this number could continue to grow. According to estimates, how many products could be included in the trade war globally if these comments become policy?

  1. 2,500
  2. 5,000
  3. 6,500
  4. 10,000


  1. 10,000

The New York Times estimates that as many as 10,000 products in total would be impacted if the additional proposed tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese products becomes law. However, the brief history of this administration tells us that initial Twitter threats are almost always exaggerated. The number will likely be much lower.


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