Fall 2018 - Did you know?
Fall 2018 - Did you know?

Fall 2018 - Did you know?





Fall 2018 - Did you know?

A quiz to test your market and economy knowledge.

How many people will dress their pets in costumes this Halloween? Just how impactful is 3D printing? Which holiday provides the biggest return? Test your knowledge in the latest edition of "Did You Know?".

Spooktacular Pets

Question: In the spirit of the Fall season we dipped into the holiday trivia treat bag…pun intended. What percentage of Halloween celebrants are expected to dress their pets in costumes this year?

  1. 10%
  2. 16%
  3. 20%
  4. 75%


  1. 20%

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, nearly 20% of Halloween celebrants are planning to dress their pets in costumes this year, up from last year’s 16%. Of those surveyed, 11% planned on dressing their animal in a pumpkin costume, while 7% will dress their cat or dog as a hot dog, 5% as a bumble bee and 3% as the devil.


The Impact of 3D Printing

Question: Innovation and disruptive technologies are impacting a slew of sectors, including the manufacturing and industrial sector. On this note, there are 855 parts in the typical turbine engine. Thanks to innovation, how many moving parts are in a 3D printed engine, and how much time can be cut off the delivery time?

  1. 425 parts, 25% reduction in time
  2. 250 parts, 35% reduction in time
  3. 12 parts, 50% reduction in time
  4. 1 part, no reduction in time


  1. 12 parts, 50% reduction in time

3D printing has been around for decades, but during the 2000s it has advanced to the stage of being utilized in the manufacturing process of a slew of products, including products ranging from tennis shoes to turbine engines. The parts of the turbine engine can be reduced from 855 moving parts to 12. This cuts down on the delivery time by approximately 50%, and its weight decline of 5% in turn increases fuel efficiency by 20%.


Competing Holidays

Question: When looking at one day before and one day after, which of these holidays has the best return on investments?

  1. Fourth of July
  2. Halloween
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Christmas


  1. Halloween

We don’t advise building an investment plan around these concepts, but is it really a surprise that Halloween tops this list? This holiday is just weeks after we post this market commentary. The following chart illustrates how these four holidays stack up.

Competing Holidays


Tech Giants and Sector Weighting

Question: Technology is changing the world. Add changes to economic sectors to the list. What is the weighting of Facebook and Google in the newly formed Communications Services Sector?

  1. 5% and 5%
  2. 17% and 10%
  3. 10% and 17%
  4. 17% and 23%


  1. 17% and 23%

For those that buy sector ETFs be forewarned. Know what you are investing in. On September 28, 2018, the Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS) underwent the most significant methodological revision in its 19-year history. As technology is becoming ubiquitous throughout so many companies and economic sectors, the boundaries that separate platforms, products, and services offered specifically by technology, telecommunications, media, and consumer discretionary companies has become less distinct. To that point all Telecommunications (e.g., AT&T, Verizon) companies are now folded into the new Communication Services sector. Several companies in the Consumer Discretionary sector, such as Walt Disney and Comcast, have also moved into the Communications Services sector. In addition, many companies such as Google (parent company is Alphabet) and Facebook will move from the Information Technology sector to Communication Services. Facebook represents 17% of the new sector and Google represents 23%. On a related note, Amazon now represents 33% of the Consumer Discretionary sector. The reclassification impacted over 2,100 companies globally and over $4 trillion in market capitalization.

Tech Giants and Sector Weighting


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