Fall 2018 Market Commentary Video
Fall 2018 Market Commentary Video

Fall 2018 Market Commentary Video



J. Reed Murphy
J. Reed Murphy

Chief Investment Officer

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Fall 2018 Market Commentary Video

Elephants, Donkeys & History Books: A look at volatility, political midterms and economic headwinds & tailwinds.

To help you get the most out of our 2018 Fall Commentary — “Elephants, Donkeys & History Books” — we have created a brief video presentation with voiceover by CIO Reed Murphy. In the video, Murphy breaks down the commentary into the essentials, including:

  • what do history books tell us about the midterms;
  • and what are today’s relevant economic and investment insights.

Watch the 8-minute video for deeper insight and understanding on markets, investments, and our approach to investing.

We hope you find the video helpful.

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