TC Wealth Partners Recruits Greg Aagaard as Market Development Officer
TC Wealth Partners Recruits Greg Aagaard as Market Development Officer

TC Wealth Partners Recruits Greg Aagaard as Market Development Officer





TC Wealth Partners Recruits Greg Aagaard as Market Development Officer

Chicago-area wealth management firm expands reach with new hire.

DOWNERS GROVE August 8, 2016

Trust Company of Illinois recently hired Greg Aagaard as Market Development Officer to expand its outreach to the greater Chicago area and beyond.

Aagaard’s approach to new business development builds on the Trust Company’s long history of high-touch, service-oriented wealth management services.

“We recruited Greg to generate leads,” says Trust Company CEO Bill Giffin, “and his warm, personal skill set fits exactly with what we need for that role.

“Just as important, he couldn’t be a better fit for the company’s culture and personality.”

Amidst all the changes in the wealth management industry, including the emergence of robo-advisors, the Trust Company’s expansion focuses on serving the varying and complex investment needs of its clients. Aagaard points out that Trust Company excels at understanding its clients, especially as they face significant transitions in their lives.

“With today’s market volatility,” says Aagaard, “investors look for deep and personalized care that do-it-yourself firms can’t provide. They need advisors who can see the big picture and help guide them through volatile times.”

Aagaard comes from a family of caregivers. His father is a doctor who built his practice by providing primary medical care with a huge dose of TLC. “People attribute my father’s success to his love and care for people.”

A self-declared “relationship guy,” Aagaard relishes his role at the Trust Company as it gives him the opportunity to carry on his family’s tradition. “I love taking care of people,” he says, “and I love helping people understand the markets by making it simple for them.”

In 2005, Aagaard began his career in financial services with Claymore Securities, a leading provider of innovative investment products including exchange traded funds, closed-end funds and unit investment trusts. Aagaard, one of the first sales reps at Claymore, saw the company grow exponentially. When Guggenheim Partners acquired Claymore in 2009, Aagaard stayed on until the financial products start-up Elkhorn Investments recruited him in 2013.

In his new role as market development officer, Aagaard is enthusiastic about helping the Trust Company expand its outreach to younger investors while also championing the firm’s unique ability to help individuals and families through life’s transitions. He is also excited for the opportunity to promote Trust Company’s unparalleled service to the small- and mid-sized business communities.

A growing Chicago-area wealth management firm, the Trust Company specializes in wealth management, trust services, and corporate retirement plans.

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