ESG by the Letter - Audiocast
ESG by the Letter - Audiocast

ESG by the Letter - Audiocast



Nancy T. Bell
Nancy T. Bell

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ESG by the Letter - Audiocast

3 KEYS to Values Based Investing

In this audiocast, financial advisor Nancy Bell explains how ESG is used as criteria for evaluating if an investment is socially responsible.


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SRI Terminology is Confusing!

  • S R I = Sustainable Responsible Investing

Sustainable Responsible Investing

  • SRI Focus:
  • It has been around for centuries, but it’s making big headlines today.
  • More investors want to match their investments with their values.
  • How do we figure out which companies are in alignment with our personal values?

Criteria = Data We Can Measure

ESG by the Letter - Ex 1

E S G = Environment Social Governance

  • ESG Is a Tool:
  • Sort the “good” companies from the “bad”.
  • Steer you TO or AWAY from companies that are not in alignment with your values.

E = Environment

How does a company impact the environment?

S = Social

How does a company’s labor practices impact you or someone you know?

G = Governance

How does a company prevent the mismanagement of its resources solely for the sake of profit?

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