Passions, Exaggerations & Fundamentals
Passions, Exaggerations & Fundamentals

Passions, Exaggerations & Fundamentals





Passions, Exaggerations & Fundamentals

Spring 2016 Market Commentary

The first quarter of 2016 was marked by passion and exaggerations. There was a runaway of negative sentiment, many fearing the global economy was headed into a recession.

  • Are we headed for a recession?
  • What’s the difference between bull and bear markets, and recessions?
  • Is the current bull market, the third longest since 1928, growing long in the tooth?

These are just a few questions that Trust Company CIO J. Reed Murphy tackles in the Spring 2016 Market Commentary. He offers insight into why there is reward focusing on fundamentals instead of selling into fear.

Read the market commentary for in-depth analysis of the state of the market and what the Trust Company is doing to create shock absorbers in portfolios.

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