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Greg Osko
Gregory W. Osko - Chairman

Gregory W. Osko


  Board of Directors

Greg Osko speaks truth to finances. As a company founder and Chairman of the Board, Greg aligns the company with financial reality and helps clients separate financial fact from fiction. As Greg gets to know his clients, he helps them manage their assets in concert with the things that matter most to them. “I consider clients extended family,” Greg says.

Greg is well equipped to guide the firm and its clients. He engenders trust. He has over 40 years of experience serving the financial needs of successful families, and is a board member of The Association of Trust Organizations, Outreach Community Ministries, and Northwestern Memorial Health Care (formerly Cadence Health and Central DuPage Hospital).

Greg began his career in employee benefit planning at Continental Bank in Chicago. He managed the Gary-Wheaton Bank trust division before forming the Trust Company of Illinois in 1993. Greg holds a BA degree from the University of Iowa and an MBA from Loyola University in Chicago.

Greg is committed to helping charitable organizations who serve the under-resourced and over-challenged. He is equally passionate about helping people with financial means to pursue their life’s calling through their working career and into retirement.

While golf is a favorite hobby, it would take little convincing for him to trade in his clubs for a fishing rod. If he weren’t a wealth advisor he says he’d be a guide on a Canadian Shield lake in search of walleye, northern and small mouth.