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David Fisher
David L. Fisher - Operations Manager

David L. Fisher

Operations Manager

  Leadership Team 
  Business Operations Team

Dave Fisher likes to solve operational and financial systems issues for his co-workers and their clients, and has the insight to see the opportunity within the problem. Dave is a member of the Leadership Team and provides direction and overall supervision of daily activities within the company’s wealth management, trust, and retirement plan services operations units. He implements plans and procedures to ensure quality service, oversees creation of various reporting vehicles to present measurable statistics on operational functions, and provides feedback to management on operating inefficiencies.

Prior to joining the company, Dave spent eleven years in the trust departments of two Aurora community banks as a retirement plan administrator. Before that he exercised his problem solving skills as a general contractor in Yorkville, IL.

Back in the day Dave was a member of the Western Michigan University Mid-American Conference Champion football team where he also graduated with a BS in finance. Today, he and his wife are sports managers for their five children who cycle them through one sports event after another.